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BACKGROUND MUSIC: Mahler: Symphony No.9 in D major (complete) (79:48)

6. Utterly Pessimistic and Hopeless

(Mahler, 1860-1911)
Recently I listened again to Mahler's ninth symphony which exhibits a picture of total loss of hope and despair of life. No wonder this symphony, completed in 1910, the last complete work of Mahler's music, has been described as a death symphony by many critics. The final slow movement of the symphony, especially, is utterly pessimistic and hopeless in sense. It seems to announce that nothing can be rescued, compensated, modified or reconstructed in the confrontation with death, and life itself is painful and unendurable. Death is the only destiny of man who must finally be totally destroyed and incinerated to nothingness. In the end of the listening to the symphony, I could hardly refrain from crying at once! The symphony was premiered on June 12, 1912 in Vienna, one year after Mahler's death on May 18, 1911.

(Written on December 15, 2008)

MUSIC LISTENING: Mahler: Symphony No.9 in D major (complete) (79:48): I. Andante comodo; II. Im Tempo eines gemachlichen Landlers. Etwas tappisch und sehr derb; III. Rondo-Burleske. Allegro assai. Sehr trotzig; IV. Adagio. Sehr langsam und noch zuruckhaltend (all in one file)