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22. A Sheer Misunderstanding

People often think that living by oneself throughout life is miserable. This is just a sheer misunderstanding of the life of someone who has not been married. Why should happiness be often attributed to the matrimony of a person? The only possible justified reason lies in the fact that there are opposite sexes of human beings so a man coupled with a woman living together throughout life is just a very natural consequence. Biologically this may be unmistakable but psychologically and socially it is just questionable.

Marriage is obviously a human regulation to restrict a married couple so that they can live their whole lives together without any complicated situation arising from human relations. A couple living together abiding by marriage regulations, however, will definitely lose the complete freedom to act individually in activities. As every human is unique in character, the way of thinking and behaviour, it is truly difficult for a couple to tolerate the differences and shortcomings between them when they have to live together under the same roof throughout life.

People choosing not to get married must realize that they could only live happier if they can choose whatever they like to do completely in their own will and dicision. As a matter of fact, both married and unmarried people can live happily in their own respective individual way. As happiness is but the reflection of the feeling of one's satisfaction of life, it is the quality of living and the way of getting more satisfaction that really matter. A person who has a proper perspective on life would be living on his own happily and satisfactorily no matter whether he is married or not. It is, after all, a sheer matter of one's own choice of existence.

(Written on March 31, 2010)