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23. Being and Nothingness

Why are we here? Where do we come from? What is the origin of the universe? ......and many other similar questions! These are questions we often ask but no satisfactory answers have ever been obtainable. The phenomenon of life on earth itself is such a wonderful matter that words can hardly be uttered in the attempt to explain its existence.

I prefer to accept that life exists all but for its own sake and needs no rational explanations at all. Some think that an almighty being must be somewhere controlling the fate of everything and giving commands governing the behaviours and activities of all things in the universe, no matter with life or without. To me this is but an oversimplified staightforward speculation and conjecture. I would rather prefer to look into the matter by following what scientists have discovered so far.

The amazing diversity of living species may better be explained by the evolution theory established by the English biologist Charles Darwin in the nineteenth century, supported nowadays by evidence from fossils and the DNA spectra of various living species though until now the theory is still far from perfect and ideal.

There are no substantial differences between things with life and those without. A matter with life is composed of no more new elements from that without life at all. Life phenomena simply result from chemical interactions between molecules or atoms constituting the living matter. The death of a living matter is merely the result of the weakening and eventually the ending of these interactions. As dead bodies disintegrate, some forms of new life may be born somewhere at the same time. Life is thus conceived as a never ending transition cycle from inorganic substances to organic substances. A human life must eventually vanish leaving no traces of any perception and memory. The ultimate destiny of life is but sheer nothingness!

(Written on April 3, 2010)