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26. My Second Piece of Translation Exercise (passage from "David Copperfield")

The original sentence (taken from "David Copperfield" (《大衛•考勃菲爾》另譯《大衛•科波菲爾》舊譯《塊肉餘生記》) by Charles Dickens):

There is something strange to me, even now, in the reflection that he never saw me, and something stranger yet in the shadowy remembrance that I have of my first childish associations with his white grave-stone in the churchyard, and of the indefinable compassion I used to feel for it lying out alone there in the dark night, when our little parlour was warm and bright with fire and candle, and the doors of our house were─almost cruelly, it seemed to me sometimes─bolted and locked against it.

My Chinese translation:


Translation of the same sentence copied from a book for comparison:


(Written on June 18, 2010)