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31. The Afflictions of Handicap

Being born with a healthy and sound body is definitely not the least an unconditional gift to a human. People often take for granted that we are born naturally with the abilities to see, to hear, to speak, to touch and to walk. However, things are often not as perfect as we expect them to be, and people disabled in one way or the other are common around us.

The blind cannot see any scenic landscapes of the world. The deaf cannot hear any wonderful sounds of music. The dumb cannot speak any of his own ideas. The crippled with no arms cannot touch and hold any objects, write to express any of their own thoughts, and operate any, even exceptionally simple, machines. The crippled with no legs cannot walk freely over any magnificent grasslands as they wish to go, or just walk leisurely in a short distance here and there.

These are not simply trivial afflictions but actually huge burdens that completely overwhelm the handicapped. Try to imagine how immense the hardships the handicapped have to face in life! Should we, people with healthy and sound bodies, always, with a humble and grateful heart, lend a hand and donate whole-heartedly our kind support to them?

(Written on August 24, 2010)