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32. A Superb Hifi System Is Indispensable to Classical Music Appreciation

Symphonies are the most sophisticated of all kinds of classical music compositions because they in most times involve a full orchestra, contain four movements each with a unique style of its own but structurally still related to each other, and the first movement, as well as one or two other movements, must be composed in sonata form. The other kinds of orchestral music such as concertos, ballet music and orchestral suites, though structurally not as strict as symphonies, require no less involvement of an orchestra than symphonies do. To reproduce the outcome of the combination of sounds from so many musical instruments to an effect as near as possible to that heard when played in a concert hall needs a superb hifi system with a powerful output.

Instruments required in such a hifi system usually include a CD player, a pre-amplifier, a power amplifier and a pair of loudspeakers. The quality requirement of each of these pieces is very high so that a pure high fidelity of sound can be guaranteed. Only listening through such a superb hifi system can people really sense the overwhelming magnificence in the climax of an orchestral music such as a symphony or a concerto, or the fascinating delicate and tender moment in the passage of a lyrical and rhythmical tune. A superb hifi system is therefore also indispenable to the appreciation of music with a much simpler structure than the orchestral, such as a piece of chamber music and a sonata.

A truely enthusiastically passionate classical music lover must have learned some knowledge about the properties of those essential hifi equipments and know how to choose an ultimate combination of them which may completely meet his personal high standards of listening requirements. People not interested in classical music often think it is abstract and boring. If they do not happen to have chances to go to classical music concerts or own a superb hifi system so that the beautiful sound of music can be reproduced at any time as they wish, they could have no substantial increase of interest in listening. This may explain why so few people can eventually have a profound interest in classical music appreciation.

(Written on September 14, 2010)