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43. Childhood Recollections on the International Children's Day

Is it usually sad to recollect one's childhood at old age? Maybe it is, for childhood just the beginning of life but old age, on the contrary, going nearer to the end!

This day, the first of June, the International Children's Day, I could hardly refrain from recollecting those many memorable moments of exaltation in my childhood.

Those were my happiest days when I was a little boy running most of the day barefoot in the wilderness, searching for insects in the bushes, frogs in the wetland or small fishes in the pond, playing together in the streets with so many friends, talking, laughing, singing and making silly amusements to one another, exploring adventures deep in the hills of scenic landscape, often coming back home crying to tell mother wounds in the body arising from falling accidentally to the ground or hitting or cutting by something hard.

Simple rustic life it was living in the quiet peaceful countryside close to farmland of crops or vegetables. Life was always self-contained with little regret and complaint though not much food to eat and not many clothes to wear in that tough political period. Academic success was too early a substantially important goal of achievement in the head of such a little boy, when I failed arithmetic and had to repeat my primary two education in school. This, in retrospect, may be, though uttermost and unerasable as thought in the young head, the only regretful blemish of my childhood in the countryside.

Forever gone, these memorable happiest days in childhood, when looking back now at my old age, mixed feelings of indescribable nature completely fill my heart, which, in the course of life, has gone through so many tests, hardships and frustrations to finally obtain the full fulfilment and satisfaction of the self.

(Written on June 2, 2011)