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47. Choosing a Solitary Yet Enjoyable Being

Most people if left alone would sorrowfully get a feeling of being abandoned and exiled, and could hardly make themselves energized and vital when not accompanied by other people. Moreover, being thus haunted by a sense of loneliness, they know nothing to minimize their uneasiness and mental disturbance at all. These people, conspicuous as it is, could never be able to discover and enjoy the fascination of being in solitude.

As to myself, nonetheless, I would rather embrace solitude than be getting along with a lot of lousy people just fooling around talking nonsense and doing things childish.

Being solitary is not necessarily accompanied by the grim feeling of loneliness. Solitude is a state of tranquillity and satisfaction whereas loneliness is a mere misery and painful sensation in mind.

Clarity, transparency and thoroughness of thoughts can only be achieved when someone allows himself or herself in absolute solitude. The abstract philosophical arguments and concepts can only be made apparent and understandable by those who are able to get themselves completely absorbed and immersed in thinking, shut off from as many distractions as possible in their total state of solitude.

As being a unique individual with unique individuality, each human can interact fully with nature only in his or her very own unique way. As it is education and self-awareness that could have real influential and transforming power to call forth the basic instinct of an individual to regain the secret rhythms of life, any means of self-promotion would be worthwhile to give outstanding transfiguration to the self so that the fascination of being in solitude can be fully appreciated.

(Written on January 11, 2012)