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64. Taking Cold Water Showers in Winter Again

The first time in my life taking cold water showers constantly in winter was the period when I went to secondary school on Hong Kong Island and had to live with my father in the shop where he was employed as a salesman of Chinese medicine, as there were no facilities for preparing hot water for showers in winter. From then on it became my daily life habit for several decades and I had taken cold water showers even at temperatures below 10 degrees in some chilly winter days.

In the early years of my teaching career in Tuen Mun I still kept this habit as no water heating facilities were available in my home. It was until, about twenty years ago, I moved to the current home where towngas water heater was already a facility in the bathroom that I started to take hot water showers in winter.

However, several months ago when it was still in summertime I found my towngas water heater broke down and could not work properly to produce hot water. I was concerned that winter was coming soon and hot water shower seemed necessary for me as I thought that I, almost seventy, was no longer young and tough enough to bear cold water showers in cold winter days. Therefore I detemined to go to the Towngas Company Water Heater Shop to buy a new water heater and made appointment to have my old water heater replaced. As the Towngas Company technician checked the tap water system of my house he found that the water running speed was too slow to get the supposedly installed new water heater run properly. Furthermore, he found that the old iron tap water pipe system built almost twenty years ago had turned rusty and brittle, and to disconnect the joints between the pipe system and the old water heater would break the pipes, making the necessity of mending the system immediately for a rather long period. As a consequence, no water supply would be available in this period. The technician thus suggested that I had to ask some relevant technician to replace the old pipe system thoroughly with copper pipes first before installing the new water heater.

Then I considered the matter carefully and, thinking that it would be better to have the pipe system completely replaced several months later in springtime or summertime, decided to postpone the replacement of water heater until the pipe system replacement has been completed. At the same time I made up my mind to try to take cold water showers in the approaching winter again.

Then I had to decide when I should take the shower in a day. As night temperatures were usually lower than day temperatures in winter, taking cold water shower at night meant greater tolerance of the body to coldness required. On the other hand, morning exercise was my everyday unstoppable activity, so I decided that it would be better to take the cold water shower just after my morning exercise, the rightest time to get myself cleaned and refreshed from sweat and dirt.

Now I get almost completely accustomed to cold water showers in these days' practice and it is really comfortable and enjoyable as cold water is showered on my body. Until now the coldest day I experienced the morning shower has been the one of weather temperature of 12 degrees reported by the Observatory.

I am looking forward to challenging myself at weather temperatures even lower than 10 degrees. After all, I feel younger, tougher and healthier, and I become more optimistic about my future life.

(Written on January 9, 2016)

(mVNDAn, written on January 15, 2016, is the Chinese version of the same topic content.)