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65. The Chosen "Eight" in the New Concert Season

The following is a chronological list of programmes of my chosen "eight" in the coming 2016-17 Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra concert season:

1. September 17, 2016
Changan LIU, DU Ming, YAO Xiaoqiang, YAO Feng, SANG Rain: "SUN YAT SEN" Symphonic Suite(大型交響組歌《孫中山》)
XIAN Xinghai: Yellow River Cantata(《黃河大合唱》)

2. November 19, 2016
GERSHWIN: "An American in Paris"(《一個美國人在巴黎》)
RODRIGO: "Concierto de Aranjuez"(《阿蘭胡埃斯》結他協奏曲)
BIZET: "Carmen" Suite(《卡門》組曲)
GERSHWIN: "Porgy and Bess" Suite(《波吉與貝絲》組曲)

3. November 26, 2016
DVORAK: Cello Concerto(大提琴協奏曲)
TCHAIKOVSKY: "Manfred" Symphony(《曼費德》交響曲)

4. December 10, 2016
MAHLER Symphony no.3(第三交響曲)

5. January 22, 2017
WAGNER "Siegfried"(《齊格菲》)

6. April 8, 2017
YIU Raymond: "The London Citizen Exceedingly Injured"(《倫敦市民異常受傷》)
WALTON: Violin Concerto(小提琴協奏曲)
TCHAIKOVSKY: Symphony no.1, "Winter Dreams"(第一交響曲,「冬之夢」)

7. April 22, 2017
TAO: World Premiere! HK Phil Commissioned Work(港樂委約新作,世界首演)
MAHLER: Symphony no.6, "Tragic"(第六交響曲,「悲劇」)

8. April 27, 2017
BEETHOVEN: Triple Concerto(「三重協奏曲」)
SHOSTAKOVICH: Symphony no.8(第八交響曲)

These chosen programmes contain five of my favourite symphonies. They are Mahler's Third and Sixth ("Tragic"), Tchaikovsky's First ("Winter Dreams") and "Manfred", and Shostakovich's Eighth. The Third and "Tragic" Symphonies from Mahler, overwhelmingly grand, majestic and gorgeous masterpieces, must definitely not be missed. The "Winter Dreams" Symphony from Tchaikovsky, though not so famous and frequently performed as his last three symphonies (the Fourth, the Fifth and the Sixth "Pathetique"), is worthy of listening just for its sheer beauty of lyricism and thoughtfulness in expression. His "Manfred" Symphony, rather more appropriately classified as a symphonic poem, telling the story of the legendary figure "Manfred", is eagerly anticipated once again in concert. Shostakovich's Eighth Symphony, a work reflecting the suffering of the Russian people during World War II, is really a tantalizing piece of music indeed.

There are three concertos in these chosen concerts, namely Dvorak's Cello Concerto, Walton's Violin Concerto and Beethoven's Triple Concerto. My inclusion of the exceptionally famous Dvorak's Cello Concerto and Beethoven's Triple Concerto should understandably need no special explanation, while the rarely performed Walton's Violin concerto should not be easily missed.

It will be my first time to hear the epic "Yellow River Cantata" in concert as a celebration of our National Day. On November 19, 2016, I will hear a guitar concerto, the "Concierto de Aranjuez" by Rodrigo, probably the most popular of all guitar concertos.

The outstanding masterpiece, the "Ring" cycle of Wagner, will be continued this year by "Siegfried", part three of the cycle, in the form of an opera-in-concert with a performance length probably more than 5 hours.

I am enthusiastically looking forward to seeing and hearing these performances!

(Written on August 30, 2016)