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The full title of this article is "You Are More Liable to Injury If You Exercise Infrequently". For a rather aged person as me everyday exercise is very important. An aged person having no or not enough regular exercise is not strong enough to walk steadily, thus more liable to falling down or hitting something hard in falling. We often heard some aged person getting seriously injured in falling down accidentally at home or outside. As a consequence, that aged person could walk properly and steadily no more. Some even became permanently crippled owing to serious bone rupture or brain damage from head collision with something hard. The extremely serious case was the loss of life in the falling accident.

I, being living freely and contentedly alone as an independent aged person, am always aware of the importance of exercise as a means to strengthen the bones and muscles of the body, thus increasing the functional sensitiveness of balance and firmness in walking. Jogging or running is too rigorous as an exercise for aged people. Thus I choose walking briskly as my regular morning exercise everyday. It is brisk but not slow walking that can effectively benefit aged people's health. Besides benefiting the bones and the muscles, functional efficiency of the lung and heart and brain alertness can also be sharpened.

When finishing my brisk walking in the morning and after taking a highly enjoyable cold water shower, I turn an as fresh and spiritual being as a newborn baby, and start my morning reading of newspapers and afterwards my favourite great work of literature right away, while in the same time listening to the fascinating classical music from my cherished CD treasure.

(Written on September 12, 2017)